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Biotronic Amplifier

It extends a humans reach and amplifies their gripping strength

The biotronic amplifier is a robotic reach extending device that can be used to handle hazardous materials or pick up objects that are out of reach. The operator uses a trigger to open and close the gripper. The positions of the trigger and the motor are determined using potentiometers and analog to digital converters. The A-to-D converters are located on the PIC 16C71. The gripper motor is controlled with an H-bridge made up of two TIP41C NPN and two TIP42C PNP power transistors. The gripper has a 5-inch wide grasp. I designed and built the biotronic amplifier in 2001. It sees a lot of use at the local makerspace mostly for entertainment.

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Very nice! A bit of rubber at the grippers would help picking up small stuff like pencils, I guess.