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Robot 'Justin' Catches Balls Tossed in its Direction

Justin is a robot developed at German Aerospace center DLR. I saw him at CeBit 2009 (2nd video), where he is serving ice tea. Now he learns some new tricks, like catching balls or making coffee. Very impressive!

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Wow.  Yes, really impressive.

I like the fact his arms look like several Kuka LWR's put together

Yes, Kuka LWRs were used as arms. As far as I can remember a seperate server rack is needed to control the robot. Not shown in the video. Each Kuka Arm needs his own control PC as shown here:

This is the back side of the 'Desire' robot.

I wish I had a few million dollars and nothing better to do :(

This is definitely a great robot. Gives Asimo some competition.

Not sure about the Asimo, AFAIK it can walk and climbing stairs without loosing balance (mostly). That is great and make him look very human. But that's it. There is always an operator in the background needed, controlling the robot with a remote control.