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"Jar of FireFlies" - 08 picaxe LM324 opamp Syncronisation

Here is FireFly C10 detecting the UV glowing light off FireFly C224

C10 then synchronises and flashes in unison with C224

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Yes i am using a simular circuit - what i did not know is that you can wind up the feedback resistor to 30MΩ

The circuit is pretty sensitive - one plus factor is that i am guaranteed dark or low level ambient light conditions (inherent for fireflies YAY).

Just to add they are not so prone to ambient light....

..... cream on the cake is ..... if you want more sensitivity you just add more.

(i have to make a pair of super fireflies now .........2 UV eyes and 1 UV emitter ......without polymorph though to get better range :-(