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Getting joysticks out of old remotes

Give you an empty shell to make a remote

This idea came from CtC, who posted it here. I accidently stumbled on my old 40 MHz FM remote (like 25+years old) which I had lying around. You can scavenge a few switches out of it but the most important thing is: you get 2 very nice looking joysticks (most of them will have a Y-axis on one of the joysticks that doesn't automatically return to center, used in flying objects for throttle). On top of that you get a very spacious empty shell (apart from the joysticks) in which you can place a ton of very cool electronics. Also, it has an analog voltage meter for checking your battery!


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Holy crap! I want that cool retro remote!!

I'm pretty sure you can find these on eBay and the like... It's a shame I forgot to take a picture before killing it...

Dang! This is what i was looking for. I believe a lots of this treasures are still lying in someones basement or panthhouse.

I got one of these remotes at goodwill some time ago. I had planned on making something that works at the sma e frequency, but I guess gutting the electronics is just as good. I guess it wouldn't be hard to take out the old board (mine is quite old like yours, so I'm expecting a rather large board) and put in something new.
the electronics were placed on one PCB which fitted above the joysticks (where the antenna comes out). everything below the joysticks was batteries, nothing more. So really: one pcb and you're done ;)

You're right, the board in there was quite small and most of the thing was empty space.  And look, the leads from all the pots, switches and such weren't soldered onto the board, they have handy connectors already on them.  Converting this thing will be easy.

Yours is much nicer though.  I love those big, metal sticks.  Mine are cheesy plastic.

I don't have 'em :(

But I DO have 2 axis joysticks and a hell of a lot of space to add components (switches, extra joysticks, potentiometers, LCD screens...) :D

Really, I love these things! Good luck with yours!