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Writing to COM port with Windows 6.1 Mobile

Does anyone out there have experience writing to a WIndows Mobile COM port? I have an Arduino with a bluetooth module attached to it. My Windows Mobile 6.1 phone is able to detect the bluetooth broadcast and connect to it, however I do not know how to write commands to a COM port in windows 6.1. If anyone could point me to a program, method or .cab file that would help me do this I would really appreciate it.

Phone: Sony Ercisson Xperia X1, running Windows Mobile 6.1
Bluetooth: BC417143 B-IRN-E4, this is a cheap class 2 bluetooth module from China.

Bluetooth_Module_BC4_Blue_V2.0.pdf1.7 MB

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this? Have you tried a search for Windows Mobile 6.1 bluetooth programming?