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4WD vehicle with a 3D printed ball link


Four wheel drive vehicles have always excited my imagination, and this time I joined two Farrusco (Dagu's) chassis in front to front as you can see in the picture below:


This way both chassis are fixed on each other (is this correct to say in english??) and I thought it would be cool to have them articulated in some way, so I started to design a ball link and this is the first output (oh, did I mention I have a 3D printer at the office? :D



It still need a bit of work because the link needs some kind of lock to prevent the vehicle to bend itself and touch the ground (gosh!! what a crappy english!!)



I used OpenSCAD to design the piece, it is a great tool to use because everything is made with simple commands and you can design pretty much everything!! You can download the OpenSCAD files in Thingiverse.

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 11.07.32 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-05 at 11.05.23 PM

In the next chapter, the redesign!



6 - MAY - 2011

List of things to try:

- Try to implement springs, speccially on the Z axis

- This possibilities were given by MaskedRetriever on Thingiverse:


  - Zero z-freedom answer: Change the geometry from sphere to cylinder. That eliminates the ability to rotate entirely.  

  - More sophisticated answer: cut away part of the sphere on the ball top and bottom, then fill in /slightly less/ of the socket top and bottom. This will yield a maximum angle of "vertical" rotation. 

  - Even more elegant answer: just have the sphere wrap around more of the ball joint. The closer it goes to fully locking, the less rotation you get. To have more rotation in one dimension than the other, just make the hole elliptical. 




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The brass standoff looks like a great place to mount an elastic band, four short standoffs mounted below the centerline would equalize the ball to the center. This would reduce the load on the shaft holding the ball. It could also tend to straighten out the bot without the need for servos.

Yeah that might be a good solution! Thanks!

One thing I have in the office and want to try is soft PLA, I will have to change the design a bit.. 

What I thought was that the TOP part of the socket should look more like this:

to keep it from bending down too far.


Hope that helped.

Dan M.

Yes, that is what I am thinking! Plus a suspension system that is still inside my head..

Thanx Dan!

This reminds me of the Landmaster vehicle

-EDIT-: Maybe you could check this out for the linkage

Man, that thing is huge!! I speciallt like the wheels!
Thanx for showing this....  the PDF is not very explanatory, (at least for me), but is shining some bulbs on my miind!! 

For the wheels you can take a look here and here.

When English is your first language, then you can worry about how bad it is. Until then, don't worry. Your English is just fine. As long as it doesn't look like something a software translator tried to convert using Yoda speak we are in good shape. :D

EDIT: On topic, lucky you for having a 3D printer to play with at work, and, your chassis looks pretty sweet.

I speak to my wife everyday using software translators, Yoda speak would be an improvement :P

thanx for the comfort! post edited!