Let's Make Robots!

A pcb-lol?

Saw this image and thought of you guys!

I see a lot of lol-cats around, but this was ftw.

Enjoy: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/invisiblepcb 

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ahah cool :)

time for Icanhasrobots.com! so we can come up with lolbots sayings like

I'm in your robotz stealin yer elektrons or I'm in yer mikrochips haxin yer firmwarez.





Someone with money ... please make this site!

Yeah! FreeForm!
This kind of looks like what I do typically instead of etching circuits. 

"We Doe'n Need No Stinkin PCB! "

Ah hahahahahaha!

*ding!* That gives me an idea!


Awesome -

 The new "Soldering Free(form)" Revolution Poster !  - "Chez Guevara was busy that day"

OK, found one more I need to share before passin' out for the night.





I'm tired so this is about 9 times funnier. 

Haha I assume that's from Toothpaste For Dinner? That's awesome, I hadn't seen that one :)