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My Robot Development Platform (currently adaptive mapping)

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processingMapOnScreen.pde2.12 KB
mapping_Main.pde4.87 KB
stepper.pde1.29 KB
Wavefrount.pde6.02 KB
robot mapping with lcd.zip4.59 KB


i have made my first basic robot,


3s 5000 Lipo

2 stepper motors from a printer

2 easydrivers

seeduino mega

arduino demuliove

eeprom 256kbit

3 ditigal servos

2 sharp ir 20-150

2 sharp ir 10-80

nokia lcd 6100


my robot does a simple parthfinding then displays the map on the screen, this is using a pre definded goal reletive to the start location. it will save the map onto the ext eeprom 



i am treating this as done, but i am planning to try to do SLAM




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Thanks! I will take a look at it over this week and see how can I adapt it for my robot. This is helping a lot!


if you have any quesstions just ask

Nice! Can we take a look at your code? I'm interested how did you do the path finding in Arduino.


i have attached the code, this is the one with the lcd in the zip and without in seperate