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tamiya tank

does anyone a have complete tutorial from start to finish on how to build,wire,and program a tamiya tank? thanks


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Here is mine using the tracks http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2643

thanks you did good. i wish i could use your codes but im using a aruino : (


That's what I did with my Tamiya tracks too. The thing is beside having 2 indépendante gear box and 2 motors you have 4 gearing setups as mentioned Vince. The highter the ratio the stronger the tork but slower speed too. Good luck.

Check mine if you want.       http://letsmakerobots.com/node/21631 

thanks but when i click your link it doesnt work?


Try it again... there is an extra space at the end.


didnt work but i still saw your robot. Great Job!

Weird because if I copy the link and paste it in a new window it works...sorry about that but I don't know why. Will check this out.

Well the thing is with that kit you only get 1 motor so you can only go forwards or backwards. You need to get a seperate gearbox that would allow you drive both tracks with different mottors. Or you could use two servos. 

Like these ones:



(when they say 4 speed it means that when you build it you will have 4 choices of gear configuration that will detemine it's max speed amd torque )

i just wanted a complete tutorial on how to make the kit, put the components on, and the codeing to run it (has to be arduino compatible)