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Tricopter yaw servo

What would be a fairly simple way to mount the yaw servo for a tricopter?

I was thinking of having the yaw servo connected via linkage to the arm which the motor is mounted on then having the arm out to the motor be mounted through 2 bearings supporting it while allowing the whole arm to tilt.

Is there any other ways that would work, preferably without any custom parts?

Image from arducopter setup guide;(I'm building frame"tri")


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Add a motor+esc and upgrade to a quadcopter :)

Software mixing is not fun if there is a bug in your code, a tricopter can be flown from the ccpm (I think that's what they're called) outputs from my remote thus avoiding hassle of mixing the signals on the copter. Also I like the wide space between the arms on a tricopter. If I need more power I will upgrade it to a hexacopter.

What if you mounted the servo on its side to a flat piece of plastic or wood forming the tail of the copter. then mounting the motor to the servo horn. Probably the cheapest and quickest method without building overly complicated parts. A linkage as you said would probably be more stable id guess still

Something like this would be simpler but sounds like it would not be strong enough and vibration would make it a two rotor before too long.