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MyRobotLab Plays Chess with Patrick?


This is a blog post for PM and anyone else interested.  I have been doing many updates to mrl, and have begun working on some tutorial videos.  Patrick Mccabe and I spoke a couple times regarding hooking up his great chess robot to mrl for a game engine.  

Well, he beat me to it and found one to interface with Apple Script - but I still thought it would be fun to try.  It did not take me more than 30 mins to find, download, and wrap a chess game engine and gui with mrl.

Once the chessgame is a Service it can be loaded through the gui and integrated with other services.  In the video I show how to start it up and have it send a command string to the serial port and gui/logger.

The mrl GUI can be put into an applet so it can be played over the inter tubes too..


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did you use some chess engine such as rybka or fritz?

I used Peter Hunter's GUI - I don't think he wrote the game engine though.  Anyway, I Borg'd them all together and wrapped it in a MRL Service.

It looks like the original site of Peter's applet is gone.. but this one exists.  http://playhob.com/Ches/Chap/chs.html

The point is that it was kind of arbitrary for me,  It could have been any open source (or for that matter closed source), but I saw it as a study of how quick I could wrap a game engine (it could have been AI, neural net, Finite State Machine, or some other fun thing) and Borg it into MRL.  Fortunately, Patrick had a great project and considerable aptitude to put it to good use.

If you are interested in some project involving computer vision, speech recognition, text to speech or some other aspect of MRL let me know, I might be able to help.



very much interested in text to speech, want to make a robot which can recognise words and can respond verbally

It has Sphinx 4 wrapped in the SpeechRecognition service and Freetts (and a At&t tts) wrapped in the Speech service..

I've used them, but have not created GUI's for them.  I'm beginning to work on a FSM Service, which I can see the outcome being  semi-meaningful dialog (with actions)

Make sense or am I talking nonsense again?

Here is the loggers output from enough moves to put me in check.

Changes - I re-factored the Arduino serial read some - It needs to be able to dynamically set the message size.
Currently, it still can not - The below output is from an Arduino reflectively sending back what it gets, so I had to change
the msg size to 7.  Before uploading I reset it to 5, which I believe is the correct length for your system.

Another thing is I can not get low level logging from the area of the serial read (looking into that) - will be a problem if I don't work it out.

You can see a couple of "Illegal" moves I did..

Was "check" supposed to be special too?  At this point, I have forgotten..

Wanted to post r40 - but google is holding me off ..

Project Hosting is currently READ-ONLY for network maintenance. Grrr.....

r41 - uploaded

Checked in Linux (which it was always working)  and now verified in Windows... if it does not show up, hit F5 to refresh the directory ... windows has a tendency to not show changing directory contents

Download myrobotlab-0005.zip

Would a terminating character strength the code reading my move over serial? I could send something like a2a3z if that will help. I do not yet have the log working but it does appear to not be receiving my move at some times. 

It will do logging and the log level can actually be controlled from the Invoker service - so you don't have to change the myrobotlab.bat file to use java instead of javaw - just download and overwrite the latest myrobotlab.jar

It comes up DEBUG as default.

Ok with the new one (r35) I still have an empty log file with it set to Debug.