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How to connect Rover 5 with arduino?

Simple connection for Rover 5 to arduino.

It's possible to connect Rover 5 to Arduino withous a Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support . 

Please manuals, tips, very new into this..

Thanks in advance!!

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Amigo and Oddbot


Thank you so much for your help. I've got the robot movin and shakin.




Ok, now we can see the picture although it is very small. You have got the power connected wrong! You have connected +5V to the current sensing output! You do not have your encoder connected.

Did you read the instruction manual? You can download it from here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25865

To begin with, you really need an Arduino Mega or a compatible controller like the Spider.The reason is that the standard Arduino's do not have enough I/O pins for the encoders as well as the motor control.

You need:
4x PWM outputs to control speed.
4x digital output to control direction.
8x digital inputs the encoders.
4x interrupts for the encoder mixer outputs
4x analog inputs for current sensing

That's 24 pins. If you go to bare essentials then you still need 8 digital pins for speed and direction, 4 digital pins for the encoders. The Arduino Mega controllers have 70 I/O pins.

The Spider is a good choice because it is the same size as the 4ch motor controller with the same mounting holes. This allows the two boards to stack neatly with the supplied spacers. It is also cheaper than the Arduino Mega and includes a 3A switchmode regulator.


Apreciate the correction, yes i read the manual but it's dificult to understand some things..  It works for me just as basic one motor to check what happens.. but still lack of info at least for newis.. step by step..

Ill check all this later but..i don't get very well... the wrong connection of the +5v.. It's that the Current, PWM, it's an ouput to the Arduino board, to control position and speed?

And the encoder ouput where it should be connected? please if you can point me to an easy explanation, tuto.. or,...with pleasure i will post a bigger pic ;)

Thanks again for your time..



+5V is power (Vcc). The current sensor gives an output voltage that is aproximately 1V per amp. You use this to measure the current being drawn by the motor. When the motor is straining then the current will increase.

See this tutorial on the encoders: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/24031


The Motor 1 with the Channel 1 with motor ouput 1.
In the channel 1 Input (current, direction, PWM,,) the Gnd on the top is for the channel 2 nothing with channel 1,
Correct me if i'm wrong, very new into this..

sorry i don't know if you can see the picture.. let me know how to upload if not.

The Arduino cannot drive motors directly, it needs a motor driver circuit.

Each motor has a stall current of 2.5A. This is more than an L293D or L298N motor driver IC can handle. I do not know of any Arduino sheilds that can handle 2.5A as most have these chips.

Perhaps you can buy a sheild that uses the LD293D and replace it with 3x SN754410 chips stacked on top of each other. If your chassis has four motors then you have to find a way to stack 2 sheilds on top of each other so they use different control lines.

The reason I designed the 4 channel motor controller was because it made things a lot easier plus it has extra features such as the ability to monitor the current of each motor and it has an encoder mixer that mixes the A and B inputs to generate a single output with twice the frequency which is useful for interrupt generation and speed control.



I am hoping that you guys could help me by posting some pictures or sketches of how to hook up the dagu and the arduino?

im building a pick and place robot with a rover 5 and an arduino duemilanovae, hoping to get the encoders going to keep the robot straight.