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How to connect Rover 5 with arduino?

Simple connection for Rover 5 to arduino.

It's possible to connect Rover 5 to Arduino withous a Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support . 

Please manuals, tips, very new into this..

Thanks in advance!!

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I assume you are using a Rover 5 with 2 motors and 2 encoders?

The easiest way is to use the new "Explorer" PCB. Designed specifically for the Rover 5 chassis.

This has the motor drivers, power supply and mounting holes for the Duemilanovae and Arduino Mega PCBs.

Video of Claudia with the prototype in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HR-eO_szLCk

Contact Claudia to buy it.



Thanks for your speedy reply.

I am using the 4 motors, 4 encoders rover 5. And I have an arduino Duemalinovae and a Dagu 4 motor controller ( the one OddBot designed !)



so best way i suposse to control rover 5 is to have a  Dagu - 4 Channel DC Motor Controller with Encoder Support . 

I've seen as well a code to control that Dagu and motrors of rover 5 with Arduino , to make i twork....

It's that possible to be connected to an RC Kinect trhough processing (allready installed and working )in the other side.


Sorry for my lack of knowledge, i'm very new to this, with an University project to be hand out about Friday!!;)


Thanks for your time

I' would say its possible to control it with a kinect but i doubt someone thats new to this would be able to do it by friday. Your talking about using one of the most complex input devices possible here. I'm not familiar with processing but I think my computer science teacher owns a kinect custom rigged through .net

I've allready start a couple months ago ...

At the moment i've got my Kinect talking procesing (Open NI, Simple Ni), therefore (pretty sure after researching) it can talk to Arduino..

With one of the examples that cames with SimpleNI, hand tracking or similar , I can use the input data to transfeer values to Arduino, like a simple joystick.

I just want to transfeer those values to rover 5 to move according.

Wired or wireless is irrelevant by Friday..;)

As far as i know you can use Kinect as a joystick or implement some of it's features to achieve more complex Thinggins (too early ton know what can be done..)