Let's Make Robots!


opens its mouth and bites
a quick video, not very good quality. notice that the light dies half way through259.09 KB

My first  fully working microcontroller project, just in time for halloween. I got the idea from evil mad scientist labs and then saw BOA's haloween bot challenge, and thought I had to post it here.


 It runs from my picaxe 28 board with my new servo upgrade.inside is a servo with a balsa wood arm glued on. 


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ahahah fantastic! :)

you could scare some little kid with that :P

If I had more time, I could do something with a PIR sensor to detect movement. 
yeah, that and some loudy screaming sound, so when someone pass by.. lol :P
That is really cool, but you should have used a plastic pumpkin :)


YES haha this is hilarious

Love their site!

Your snap-o-lantern looks fantastic. 

Haha, that's great. I'm having a Halloween party at my house on Friday -- if I had a little more time I'd be tempted to make one of these of my own, put it on wheels or tank treads, and let it drive around the house chomping its teeth :) Good ingenuity.