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New Basic Stamp project

It doesn't look like this is the most active of forums - but I'd just thought I'd mention here that I've posted on a cheap hexapod walker I've produced based on a Parallax STAMP and their board of education - if you've got this you should be able to make the bot for under £30 GBP ($50 US)


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I was wondering if I could build this same robot, but with an arduino uno? 


I don' t see any reason why an Arduino wouldn't do the trick.

Actually the programming is very limited - I use a standard IR detector to return a hex value - there must be some arduino code out there.

I found this which looks OK http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1176098434

Having got your remote, you need to find the key values for your individual buttons, from there it's a simple question of a loop with a gosub routine to call the various servo movements - the sequence of movements is quite easy to work out

forward motion -

1. Tilt central Servo to lift right side whilst moving right legs forward and left legs back

2. Tilt Central Servo to lift left side - whilst moving left legs forward and right legs back

by alternating these you get a simple stepping motion - you can work out the turns and reverse etc, simply by adapting thegosub routine you call.

As soo as I find a way of attaching or sending a file in this forum (I'm new here) I'll send you a PDF of the design for teh mechanics of the thing. Took about 20 hours to build for a dumbo like me, but would take about ten max if I were to do it again!

Thank you very much, if it would be easier to just email the pdf to me than my email is 23markl@gmail.com 


PDF should be in your inbox now


Good Luck