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Line follower

Follows line
linefollower_test1.pde1.09 KB

Nothing much to describe about this robot.Its a simple line follower robot which uses 2 ldrs

and 2 leds as a sensor to follow line.

The robot is powered using two battery packs i.e. 9V battery for arduino and all other components and 6V battery for motors.

 Chassis made of acrylic


 Side view of tamiya track


 Arduino uno and a breadboard


 Motor driver circuit


This is  the sensor which detects line.I will soon replace it with infrared transmitter and reciever for accurate line following.

Back side of the sensor(my soldering skills are not that good :))

Bottom view of the robot

Completed robot



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Nice job, I like it (:

Thank you very much

Nice job my friend. Is it working good with only two detectors?

Yes it is working fine.Will shoot a video and will upload it soon.

Great!  Like you said it's working fine. Thums up my friends and thanks for the video.

Thank you Korel !

nice job Kawal! that breadboard's H-bridge seems to be quite complicated!

L293D chip.

It is a L293D chip

Thanks DTB.