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Sorry for the updates - Google video

Google hosted it's own video service way back when I started posting on LMR.

I used to like Google's service better than Youtube, because it was free of ads, and had a better player - so I used that to many videos.

At the time I also thought there was a better future for Google than Youtube. Well, later Google bought Youtube, and now they are shutting down their own video service.

I have a ton of videos on LMR, embedded from there, and I have had a look, but I just can't see through cleaning up all that stuff; Editing so many posts so many times, keeping track of it all..

So - I am updating a few posts, where I have moved the Google videos to Youtube.

Because of the way the present version of LMR works, this will mean that some old posts will be back on front pages.

I guess that a lot of old of my posts will lose their videos.

Sorry - I cant see any other way around it at the moment, with the ressources at hand. And hey - who needs old stuff? :)

I'll post some new stuff soon :)


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No I hadn't - Thanks a bunch :)