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PICAXE 28x2 Question

I'm working on a project and I plan to get the PICAXE project board that is in the "Start Here" tutorial.  I was looking at getting the 28x2 microcontroller instead of the 28x1.

The x2 says it has 20 I/O pins instead of specific pins for input and output.  

How do I tell a pin to be used for input or output, is that in the programming or is it hardware.  And would this work with the project board, or am I stuck with the same I/O pins that the 28x1 has.

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The latest 28x2 is out all others obsolete on Solarbotics.com. Only about $10 us. A major jump in fully usable pins like the Arduinos have. This would be for people wanting this wonderful robot to do more. The manual is well detailed on the commands to use the ports in new and exciting ways by graphics or Basic.

Thanks guys the stater bot is a great deal with lots of potenial.

Thanks for being so smart.

Look at part 2 of the picaxe manual. Look up: "Let pinsA / pinsB / pinsC" (Set or clear all outputs on a selected port) and "let dirsA / dirsB / dirsC" commands (Configure pins as inputs or outputs).  Those direct the different I/Os to whether they are inputs or outputs.  Also, as mentioned by the other person, certain commands (such as High, Low, Input, Output, Reverse for example) will automatically switch the I/O without using 'pins' or 'dirs' commands.


Exemple for pin B.2 :

input B.2
output B.2

All you need is here ;)

But I don't know if you can use the same project board !