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Chess Update

5.11.11 This update is running Grog's MRL program

The first video explains it well I hope.


5.14.11 The second video shows that I have changed the chess robot so it no longer goes back to a8 (the starting position) after every move. The code now calculates how to perform the next move from the location the chess robot's gantry crane ends at. I have also programmed in the ability for the robot to perform a castling move that the chess engine often does (this is not seen in the video)


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GroG's picture

Forgot about moving the pieces - nice that you could take care of it on the Arduino...  

I haven't won once against the engine .... now I don't like chess...

What's next ... hooking it up to the Internet?  Speech command activated?  Voice describing the move?   Ooooh put a radio module on your sumo-bot and you could have an Commando Pawn !  Swarm of Commando Pawns perhaps?  Now that would be a way to win....

patrickmccabe's picture

Yeah it was fairly simple to get it to remove the pieces using the functions I already have. Castling might be my last thing to add, but I have not seen the engine do it yet.

It has to be connected to the internet again. I ended up removing that code when integrating the computer controlled code. I do not know yet how I want to integrate that back in. 

GroG's picture

The gui can run as an applet - what you see is what you get, but with the RemoteAdapter Service or some other service which you create, you can limit the number of Services which get exported over the web.  For example - only the ChessGame service could be exported, because I doubt you want people messing with the Arduino .... 

Also the weird thing about the ChessGame service is the engine is in the gui panel....  It might be possible to extract it out, or find another open source chess engine which has better defined interface...  It may not matter, since you probably want to limit the session to a single user...   just more "stuff" to think about...