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LED Display Module


LED matrix wall is suddenly very hot recently. I also make one for fun.

It can be used as a speech synthesis talking face, message display board, a Internet Graffiti Wall , a Conway's Game of Life. ... etc.

It may be quite interesting to add on to a robot for machine-human interface.

It is easy to construct one. I use one atmega88, with ULN2803 and some transistors as drivers. Use 7 + 8 I/O lines multiplexing technique to drive it. You can visit my blog for more information.


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Very cool. I've been thinking of making one, and imbedding it in my kitchen wall to use as a timer/coolthing/etc.

 nice  thing! :) I like it! Im gonna try and make one too, with 4 bottons, and then make it play Tetris. that would be fun :)



Don't forget the breakout game !  http://soeren.informationstheater.de/avr/breakout.html