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My First Robot

Navigate Around via Infrared

This is my first Robot and it gve me a great start. Thanks fritsl for giving such a start. Its quite Easy, but living in India, I  faced some Problems. The first Problem is Double Sided Tape isnt strong. So I used An Adhesive like M-Seal. The Other problem is getting a Female Female Header jumper in India. Finally after a long hunt I got it at probots.co.in. It always go under the Furniture. Its good to have it finished                                                                                                                                                                          


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Well done, but please show us more pictures and maybe a short report how you built it.


well done, and welcome to LMR srihari. As lumi said, please post more info and maybe some pictures and videos of it in action.

lol we know that!! ( about the getting of info at that webpage), post in some pictures , and some queires and difficulties you had on the way.Now since you have completed the Start Here bot, try upgrading it, like well attach some LEDs to make it look cooler, maybe you can attach a buzzer too!! let your imagination run wild!

Great Job! I can't wait to see mine in action when its done.

don't hesitate to post in its progress :P