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My First Robotic Arm

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Hi there !

I am a new member here.

This is my first Robotic Arm that I built myself.

Most of the parts are made out of acrylic plastic.

I use a micro servo for the gripper,

a std servo for the elbow, two std servo

for the shoulder and a stepper motor for

the base.



Motion of the robotic arm not so smooth , I want to make it move smoothly , but the space is not enough for my code.

If there are an expert that very familiar with basic stamp programming , I need some advice!


I feel very happy that I built my own Robotic Arm and also I become a member of

letsmakerobots(a place that full with robot builder's ) 


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Nice job !!


I like your robot especially the grabber . Is it easy if I use ultrasonic to make object tracker?

Yeah that would be easier to use ultrasonic sensor instead of analog sensor for object tracker.

First off - I think this is a really good shot at making an arm with servos and a BS2. If I could offer a couple of suggestions to resolve some of your issues with movement, but I think our project is great !

1/ Have you looked at the parallax user forums - they have real experts who give excellent advice. I've been helped with many BS2 issues through them - if you post your code they might be able to offer advice. Secondly - they would be really impressed if you posted your project there, I find them a big help.

2/ I think you could solve some of your problems with a more stable connection at the elbow joint. if you pivoted the arm from both sides of the servo it would reduce the tendency to "bounce". I had a smilar problem with the legs on my hexapod (see http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26783 ) I posted a simple solution to mount a pivot opposite to the rotor on a miniature servo, but it works even better on a standard servo.

3/ I have a simple design for a gripper with a parallel action if you would like it, but rather like your solution as it is - nice and simple !

4/ by the way you can find the Parallax forum on http://forums.parallax.com/ 

Hope this helps


Hi, Britannicus

Thanks for your suggestion ,  I shall try using pivot or screw to made the joint more stable , I don't know is the pivot easy to take off, but I want to made my robot disassemble easily.




Besides the smoothness issues, this looks good.  It's a simple design, it doesn't look like any of the pieces are particularly complex.  I like the design of the grabber, looks very easy to build.

It looks like you're using two servos to drive the first joint.  Are these driven individually, or from the same pin?


It drive individually .Since I place two servo motor face each other so, when programming , it need to program the servo in opposite direction.

That's right, I hadn't thought of that.  It's not clear from your page, do you know where the stutter is coming from?

Sorry , What stutter?

I once hacked a servo to rotate the opposite way. All it takes is to switch the side leads of the potentiometer (leave the middle in place) and switch the motor leads. On some servos this is difficult, as the motor is soldered directly to the board, but you can use some solder wick and desolder it, then rotate it 180 degrees to switch the leads. Also, you may need to cut the potentiometer leads if they are soldered directly to the board and replace them with wires. Not an easy job, but it works and it makes things a lot easier in code.