Let's Make Robots!

Frits in ad :)

I was just doing this ad for Danish TV, and we talked about what it meant, so here is a rough translation:

Fat guy:

Now, we told the Danes for several years that they can cross this bridge to Sweden for half price, if they'd just get a "bropas" (electronic device you pay with instead of credit card) - but they just don't get it. We have made an experiment! (There are 2 signs, one says half price, and I drive onto the other)

Hello, friend (jokes with bad swedish/danish language)



Is something wrong?


Fat guy:

blabla, you can get it at half price! (cutting it clear for me)



Sorry, I just cannot understand you?!


Fat guy:




OK, yes, sure, bye bye (I am as dumb as the rest :)

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:D nice! I understand everything being said, as swedish is my mother toungue. Maybe you should just get one of those "bropass".

I didn't understand a thing being said, after two years in China that's normal for me.

You did the same thing the Chinese do when they don't understand me, just smile, nod and go.
(Come to think about it, my Australian friends do the same when I talk about robots).

Did you have fun making the add or was it pretty dull?

Wel, acting is something I do for a living, and have done for a while now. I also appear in an ad for a bank on right now. This one just popped up in the shoutbox for whatever reason, people asked what we where saying, and instead of trying to translate it there, I made a post :)

Ads are good fun to shoot, absolutely! :)

Incredible drama!

Was that your wife or just an actress?

Wife is "just" an actress :)

Awesome ! :)

Way to go Fritz