Let's Make Robots!

Frits in ad :)

I was just doing this ad for Danish TV, and we talked about what it meant, so here is a rough translation:

Fat guy:

Now, we told the Danes for several years that they can cross this bridge to Sweden for half price, if they'd just get a "bropas" (electronic device you pay with instead of credit card) - but they just don't get it. We have made an experiment! (There are 2 signs, one says half price, and I drive onto the other)

Hello, friend (jokes with bad swedish/danish language)



Is something wrong?


Fat guy:

blabla, you can get it at half price! (cutting it clear for me)



Sorry, I just cannot understand you?!


Fat guy:




OK, yes, sure, bye bye (I am as dumb as the rest :)

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Way to go Fritz

Awesome ! :)

Incredible drama!

Was that your wife or just an actress?

Wife is "just" an actress :)

:D nice! I understand everything being said, as swedish is my mother toungue. Maybe you should just get one of those "bropass".