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MyRobotLab - Video Tutorial #1 (Overview)

myrobotlab, open source, Java, service based framework, robotics and creative machine control

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MRL is the "Noahs Ark" for "Farming in" and "Farming out" all types of information.... and i can see it quickly crossing all platforms - Very nicely compiled GroG

I have used / experimented with the Arduino services and hope to delve deeper on the amazing video services.

It still a bit rough ... but the Elves are busy hammering on it...  

Just so you know "publish" is an "out" function for OpenCV - often it is a point (X,Y) - the point can be the center of face detection, or an array of points in FindContours, when inRange finds a group of similarly colored objects... <- just to get your gears a spinnin ;)


You definitely made MY gears spinning... Now, can you do a tutorial for dumb guys like me how to install this on a Chumby? There is a ChumbyCV port by EMG robotics but the install wasn't dumbed enough for me to get it to work. His idea was to make the Chumby a hot spot and SSH to it from the computer and edit-run the programs from there. Anybody who's using a Chumby is a linux pro, there is no info for dumb win guys...

I am Chumby Challenged, so don't feel bad....  But I can see a lot of potential here !
My initial concern is "how much" Java does Chumby support?  But damn the torpedo's man, full speed ahead !

MRL doesn't "save" yet, but I'm very very close to implementing that... which would mean you could get it working the way you want on windows...  "Save" it and just move it to Chumby....

Oh Heck!..., I just thought of something...
you could run it on your windows machine AND chumby.. and then have them connect !!!!! 
Ya, MRL does that (connects to other MRLs)! it kind of Borg's computers together...

If I remember correctly you were interested specifically in the OpenCV part.  Can the chumby run a webcam?  Even if it can't you can run it on your windows machine and ship the Point(X,Y) to Chumby ...  Wheee !

Where do we start?
Step 1 - blow dust off Chumby and power up...
Step 2 - Anyway you can port forward port 22 (SSH) so I could poke around with it?
Step 3 - download MRL - start it on windows - get camera working on that system - play with filters, get ideas ! 

Nice, I'll give it a try!

Very kewl, informative video. Thanks for the intro.

I was just informed by a good friend that I spelled Framework  Framewok  ...

He did not realized that a large abstract Chinese frying pan is used to put all the services together in a robotic stir-fry.....

MiRobotLabSuRobotLab.org  ?  My choice of names has never been exemplary.  I was hoping with the video tutorial it would become "your" robotlab... Or at least a step in the direction to make it more accessible.   

Thanks for the feedback Rik.

Everything about this (first) tutorial is cool: the format, the humor, the product, the examples. All of it. I like this presentation style.

Just one nit: you left out half of the explanation of "what is *MY* Robotlab?". The Robotlab part, I know now (a whole lot better than ever before, btw!). But with a name lke that, your introduction should equally address the question "Who is Grog?".

Or (prolly more to the point) explain that this robotlab can be anybody's robotlab. *MY* as a variable, not a #define'd constant. But I digress into philosophy, as my third paragraphs often do....