Let's Make Robots!

MyRobotLab - Video Tutorial #1 (Overview)

myrobotlab, open source, Java, service based framework, robotics and creative machine control

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Everything about this (first) tutorial is cool: the format, the humor, the product, the examples. All of it. I like this presentation style.

Just one nit: you left out half of the explanation of "what is *MY* Robotlab?". The Robotlab part, I know now (a whole lot better than ever before, btw!). But with a name lke that, your introduction should equally address the question "Who is Grog?".

Or (prolly more to the point) explain that this robotlab can be anybody's robotlab. *MY* as a variable, not a #define'd constant. But I digress into philosophy, as my third paragraphs often do....


MiRobotLabSuRobotLab.org  ?  My choice of names has never been exemplary.  I was hoping with the video tutorial it would become "your" robotlab... Or at least a step in the direction to make it more accessible.   

Thanks for the feedback Rik.

I was just informed by a good friend that I spelled Framework  Framewok  ...

He did not realized that a large abstract Chinese frying pan is used to put all the services together in a robotic stir-fry.....

Very kewl, informative video. Thanks for the intro.

Nice, I'll give it a try!