Let's Make Robots!

An Arty robot - Salvador DaBot

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Haha, a robot that speaks Engrish.

It's very impressive, though, I'll admit.  This is more than just a simple printer.  He uses cross-hatching to make greyscale rather than shades of grey ink like an inkjet printer.  Must be fairly complex programming.

This reminds me of the scene in iRobot where he does that drawing of him standing on the hill crazy fast.

I always like demonstrations like this....   It gets me to carry on conversations with myself like...

"Is the robot creative?" 

"No, its simply doing a rendering based on sensory input"

"Well, isn't that what artists do?"

"No, artists impart some of themselves into the painting - a lifetime of experiences and a creative spark"

"Uh, so the robots lifetime is just shorter, not less valid - and a creative spark? what the hell is that? A bug? So to be really creative the robot needs a buggy program?"

"Creativity == Buggyness, has alot of clout, after all look at a Jackson Pollack painting sometime"

"I need a beer"

"Me too"

 "Who are you?"

"That's a good question, where's the beer?"

Quite impressive.

I'm glad one wouldn't have to sit still the entire time, it's engrish cracked me up.