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Interfacing a keyboard PS/2 with the Picaxe 21X-1 in 3 easy steps

Allows you to input keyboard commands into your picaxe

So one thing that I have been wanting to do is connect a keyboard (PS/2) to the Picaxe.

This is the first step to a whole slew of applications. Control Robots with a keyboard, make a computer, etc...

Just offering another source of info on how to do this.



It's pretty easy to do.

Before you get started here's a list of what I used.


Picaxe "Canuck" 28X-1 Kit --bought from HVW Tech Canada

Standard Breadboard

Breadboard Voltage Regulator -- converts 6~18 VDC to 5VDC @ 0.5Amps, bought from HVW Tech Canada

USB Download cable -- (using the serial one won't make a difference)

You NEED two 4.7k resistors on the CLK and DATA line -- I used 20 470ohm resistors soldered together :P

*to make it look cleaner, should only be temporary*

PS/2 Port -- I got mine from an old P2 motherboard




Step 1: How will it connect?


There are several ways to go about this step:


If you don't want to ruin a keyboard or want to use a temporary one (until you can acquire one you're willing to spare) then..

Either desolder a keyboard port from a motherboard or connect pins/clamps to the male end of the plug.

Keyboard Male End Clamps

















You could also cut the cable really short then solder pins onto the line and plug that directly into a breadboard.



Step 2: Setup your breadboard


Here is a picture of mine ( notice I used 10 * 470ohm resistors to get a 4.7k resistor )

The keyboard would not transmit data of any sort to the Pic unless I had these in.

Keyboard Interface Breadboard 1

Keyboard Interface Breadboard 2


The schematic from "Picaxe manual #2, Page 42"

KBD schematic



Step 3: Code


From here if you're on the Picaxe 28X-1 then you have to use the command

"Kbin[timeout, address], variable"

The above command broken down;

Kbin = Keyboard input

Timeout = How long the Pic will wait until moving on to address

Address = Where to go when it timesout

Variable = Value


"Kbin variable"

Kbin = Keyboard input

Variable = Value


Here is my test code.


'Boris Jovic Keyboard Input Test



debug b1

goto main



And that's it, the values that come back in Debug will most likely be wonky until you set each value into eeprom.


Thanks for reading! Good luck.





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This is good info to have. All new levels of interface possibility!

I was just offered 4 or 5 old keyboards and I turned them down because I didn't know I could use them with my 'axe. How ironic.

Same thing happened to me, I saw a garbage bin full of them at school and was going to grab one but couldn't think of where I would use it :P

Awesome! I will have to try this.

Would be fun to convert a keyboard into a funky soundmaker of somesort.