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RPM Meter

Uses an infrared reflectance sensor and encoder pattern to measure revolutions per minute of a wheel and display the value on a character LCD
rpm1.c3.29 KB

This is a basic implementation of an rpm (revolutions per minute) meter of an encoded wheel using an AVR ATtiny2313 microcontroller.  The motor used is a solarbotics GM8 purchased from Pololu.com for $6 USD.

The display is a parallel character LCD which uses the popular HD44780 chipset, which I found incredibly easy to drive.  I started out driving this display using pushbuttons, and after two commands I was outputting to the screen.  The attached C file shows the simplicity (in my opinion) of the program.  You can get the avriomacros.h header file here.

I built this in preparation for using the quadrature encoders on the 12V motors from pololu as the next robot I'll be working on is a self-balancing, two-wheeled bot.


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Nice job