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I am just going to start a blog to share with you my trebuchet. This was built by my group in drafting class. It was decided that I got to take it home since I did most of the design work. The challenge was to build a trebuchet out of 2 12"x24" sheets of wood that would be cut by the laser cutter at school and assembled with glue. Who's ever threw the furthest won. We won. 

I am currently using a soda can filled with pennies as a weight, because the one we used at school is - well owned by the school. The release mechanism is simply a paper clip glued to the trebuchet's arm. 

Hopefully I can get around to adding electronics to this :)


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Great work, it looks very nice and clean :)

I made something like this last month: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26875

I'm looking forward to watch a video of the machine in action!