Let's Make Robots!

And the winner is?????

Well the deadline is up. Robot Grrl and I have both entered the "Make a robot with personality" contest on Make magazine. I think there is another entry as well but I'm not sure if he's from LMR.

Jax gave it his best but Murphy kicked him in the pants.

The judging is done by the staff of MAKE magazine. Check the robots out and see what you think.

Robot Grrl's RoboBrrd: http://makeprojects.com/Project/RoboBrrd/862/1

My Spider Chopsticks: http://makeprojects.com/Project/-Chopsticks-the-Spider-Robot/748/1

Andy Wolf's Belvedere: http://makeprojects.com/Project/Belvedere-A-Butler-Robot/823/1

As far as I know these are the only entries. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

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Then MAKE extended the deadline. Belvedere appeared and at the last moment RoboBrrd hit the scene. To be honest I think RoboBrrd will win. RobotGrrl's entry is well documented, easier to make and can talk to other robots as well as humans.
What iz spellun? I sza hardware expurt. Notta prugramer.

I stick my neck out here and by the quality of the documentation alone ..... its gonna be an LMR win.....

..... (did you Grrlz & guyz spell check, dot your "i"s and cross your "T"s  coz its a tight race and the nit-picking judges are sure to be on there toes looking for the mistakes that are not actually there).

May the Best Grrl / Boy Win.........