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Hexapod Circuit Diagram & Code Problem

Hi guys. I had to make an hexapod for a school project, and I've decided to try this one http://www.webx.dk/robot-crawler/robot-crawler.htm because it meets all requirement. On his website it presents only the mechanical part, some description about components used and the code. Now I finished the PCB and test it out, but it doesn't work. I don't know where I did wrong.

Can anyone please have a look and tell me what I did wrong ?

Here is the circuit diagram made by me used for hexapod...

And here is the code files I used: http://www.webx.dk/robot-crawler/ps-joy-source.zip

Please help. Thank you

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The schematic you are showing I would assume, is what you are following --not what you have made. We can't tell you anything without see what you did. Yes, the schematic seems right, so if your PCB matches the schematic, all should be correct.

You have not told us what it does or doesn't do. No video, no pictures.

You gotta show us what you have done so far.

In the meantime --Things to do and check:

  • Is there power? Is it the right voltage and polarity? Are grounds shared all around? Do both servos and data have power?
  • Write a test code to simply sweep the servos and get them online --you would have had to do something similiar to center your servos during building
  • 'write a test code to check the SPI data coming from the PSP controller --are you getting data here?
  • Etc. etc. etc. ---Break everything down and check it peice by peice


Hi, thank you for your respond. The problem is that when I plug all in and I turn on the power, when I press any button from ps1 gamepad the servo doesn't move at all, so I think the only problem must be from the gamedpad (not sending any data) or from the program code.

This is what I have:

 I checked the pcb and it has power, it's the right voltage and polarity, all grounds are shared and both servos have power.

So, how do I test and center the servos, can you please provide a code and explain. Or can you make a new code to control the hexapod from gamepad (c++ file and .hex).

Please help me in someway. Thank you

(sorry for bad english)


Um... what's that big empty IC socket on the board? Is there something missing? Like perhaps a microcontroller?

of course I put a microcontroller...only the picture it's without uC. I can assure that all is ok, but I can't figure out if the gamepad is sending any data, or the code may be the problem.

OK. You say 'of course', but how are we to know? We only see what you show us and read what you tell us. People overlook the obvious all the time.

Take CtC's advice and test your set up one thing at a time. Load a simple code to blink and LED to move a servo. See if you can get one thing working.

is the line through the crystal supposed to be there. is it also on the pcb. normally there should not be a connection across the crystal.