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Really small RF receiver

hey guys,

so i am building a really small robot( 25 X 25 X 10 mm) and i want it to be remote control. I wanted it to be controlled by IR initially but i found that IR cannot work in direct sunlight so i thought i need an RF unit. Do you guys know of any really small RF receivers. I was thinking of those used in real cars for door unlocking. What do you guys think??

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The rfm12b's are fairly small and cheap.


Though SF's site is currently getting updated.

How many control channels do you need?

I got some old PT-04 (Wireless trigger for flashlights) with 433MHz and they (the board) are pretty small and could even made smaller...bit it's just one button to fire the flash, so you get one channel.

xbee modules might work. The datasheet says 24x28, no depth given.

you could try the quasar trx1. not exactly sure on the size but it could be what your looking for. its a 2.4ghz tranciever. 
you can find it here