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need supply enough power ! but how?

i need some help here pls *_*

to make my project portable & cable free. it has to be low power operated using DMFC(Direct-methanol fuel cells)
thus chemical part i've almost completed.

BUT the really issue is how to tap/use the low voltage generated ( around 0.5V)
my final circuit require 5V to operate.

suggest were using voltage boost convertor .

So does any know how? 
any IC chip that i can apply for 0.5V input to output 5V  for 
voltage boost convertor?
pls advise. thanks

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Is this what you looking for?

Adjustable STEP UP Voltage Regulator 2.2V-5V, 1.5A

Product Specs

Model: LVBoost
Specifications: 2.2 to 5V output voltage range

.5V to 5V input voltage range

1.5A max input current

Applications: 1 or 2 cell Alkaline/NiMH to USB chargers Solar cell regulation

Single cell lithium to 5V conversion

Thermoelectric Generators

Small wind generators and other dynamos

Phone chargers

P.S.  Personaly I don't have much confidence to step up the voltage.

look neat ! thanks.
i can reference from.

but i'm doing from 0.5 V to 5V .
hoping for more assistance here pls if any. 

anyway thanks alot for the article ^ ^,

*sharing is knowlegde  

I'm not sure that a step up circuit is the way to go here. Your fuel cell produces 0.5V. How much current can it produce? If you set up the voltage but can't source the current, you still have a problem.

Many commercially available batteries are made up of multiple cells inside. If you open up a 9V battery for example, you will find multiple cells inside that are stacked together. Each provides a set voltage (let's say 1.5V). By adding six 1.5V cells in series, you get a battery that produces 9V.

The group of six cells is still limited to the current generation capabilities of each cell. That is, if each 1.5V cell is capable of producing 500mA, then connecting them in series, you still only get 500mA capacity.

So first thing is, you need to know the current capacity of your fuel cell. You can group ten 0.5V cells in series to get to 5V. If the current supplied by this group of cells is not enough, you can add more sets of ten cells (each providing 5V) in parallel. Each set added in parallel will increase the current capacity of the total battery.

One thing to be careful of is that if your cells all perform a bit differently, you may run into trouble connecting them all. Tight specifications on commerical batteries make is pretty safe to stack them. But if you have a lot of internal resistance between your batteries, variation in their charge/discharge rate, etc. it may be problematic.

thanks for helping ^ ^

i have no worry over current.
just all i ever need is to supply enough 5V from my fuel cell of 0.5V.
this is my only requirement for my project.

DMFC(Direct-methanol fuel cells) used as input for long usage operation.
when my output is not depended on current. so watever load it drives is not a factor.
which is another circuit or storage battery to be.

only factor is how to get a super low power input , which boost over 10X the input.

love xu3 

thanks for great advice.
i only have voltage important aim for the project.
where main aim is boosting.

mayb later when i done up my circuit i will drop it here for u and everyone to understand.
mayb who know might work on their circuit LOL 

love xue