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need supply enough power ! but how?

i 'm new to forum
and need some help here pls *_*

to make my project portable & cable free. it has to be low power operated using DMFC(Direct-methanol fuel cells)
thus chemical part i've almost completed.

BUT the really issue is how to tap/use the low voltage generated ( around 0.5V)
my final circuit require 5V to operate.

suggest were using voltage boost convertor .

So does any know how? 
any IC chip that i can apply for 0.5V input to output 5V  for 
voltage boost convertor?

love xu3

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Well, you could try setting a solar engine up, and then replacing the solar cells with your batteries. but his solution would give a choppy supply of power, if thats what you want check out :


otherwise how about using one of theese: http://littlebirdelectronics.com/products/Pololu-5V-Boost-Regulator-NCP1402.html

I dont know much about that one but it seems like it could be helpfull.

I hope I was helpfull


p.s.  could you post somthing about those fuel cells?  they sound awesome!!

thanks for advice.
i will post up as soon as i get started. still at planning state LOL.
need to make sure everything some how works 1st.

love xue