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Hi there all,

I'm building an online store for the surplus technology company, the Reuseum, and would greatly appreciate feedback regarding making it better and stocking useful things. We have lots of components and such, odd bits of tech and other randoms. Your help is greatly appreciated and if you do decide that you would like to buy something from store.reuseum.com, let me know you are from LMR and I'll stash some cool extra goodies for ya.



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All LMR members can use the coupon code LMRBOT at store.reuseum.com for 15% off their orders. We hope to stock new interesting stuff for the 'bot builders here. Thanks again!


BTW, everywhere else, we're using the code 'ALABTU', but I hardly want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Bah Ram Hu? :)  I'll change it up.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us?

How about All LMR Are Belong To Us? :)

All LMR Are Belong To Us (ALABTU) is a long-standing slogan and theme for this site. Obviously based on the Internet meme birdmum references.

Silly, but it does have meaning. Because each and every member of LMR should feel this site belongs to them.

Switched it for our community slogan.  Now all members of LMR have a 15% discount with the code "ALABTU"


I posted your offer on the LMR Discount page, so we can have a central place to track such things.

You rock.

The search box is sort of hard to find. Perhaps located it at the top of the site and label it clearly.

I tried configuring an order for one of those old pages, just as a test. I provided my location as NJ and used my zip code. The only shipping option I was provided with was Priority Mail International Large Flat Rate Box at $49.95. This seems just a tad excessive for a $2.99 item.   ; j

We shipped a geiger counter to Japan and it tagged him with economy envelope, no joke.  I love Volusion's settings /sarc


I'll put a volume scale for those pagers too. 2.99 is too high to need to dig into them and make them useful for projects anyways.

In particular the Motorola pager, you mention that you take them apart for their internals, but, you don't mention what the internals are. I would guess a pager motor, switch contacts on the pcb. Is the lcd able to be readily used outside of the pager, ie 44780 based lcd or similar?