Let's Make Robots!

Desktop Robot Development

Light wieght Desktop Automation- Intelligent Find Pick and Place

Humanoid Robot: Human Motion Capture and Replay

This is a series of clips showing the development of robotics at DesignFeats

We also hope to complete our powerful, accurate and affordable usb desktop robot soon!

The end objective of the Desktop Robot is to change Robotics from an Expensive Hardware Access Problem to an affordable Robot for everyone with software that is freely shared and openly developed.

Most arms dont deliver on their promise, this is a real general purpose manipulator that has

  • Repeatabilty
  • Accuracy
  • Resolution
  • Power & Speed
  • Est less than rrp $750

A lot of work has gone into making the technology simple and user friendly, just plug it in the usb port, run software and off you go.

Check us out Designfeats at YouTube and at our website www.designfeats.com


Four 18 axis human record and playback of movement as graceful as a ballareina.

Almost there...!



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This is remarkable.  I do hope you include more details on the construction and control

Professional indeed. This kind of robotic projects always end up very pricy. I am looking forward to see your success. ;)

I would love to have this rrp under $750.  It is a nice product but very short on funds as it has been internally funded and worked on when time permits.  Know of any keen robotics types that want to get a cool product in the market, I can get it on the shelves for under 100k... I just dont have the funds to cover plastic injection, BOM and marketing.  Sweet product thats frustrating the hell out of me..  Damn hard to launch!