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Interactive Floor - Vision Tracking on a uplit floor

A Complete Design and install solution of mechanical, hardware, electronics, plastic injection, installation and software. 4,250 pixels under glass floor, interactive using real time Vision analysis. Plays Videos. 20 Meters x 5 Meters. R&D and implementation of a suitable Image Processing Pipeline of Fisheye Transform, Affine, Population Threshold, Crop, Blob Size Filter, Smooth Hull, Blob Tracking and Replace of Blobs and show of statistics

An interactive floor uplit with 4,250 pixels, 20 Meters x 5 Meters.

  • Capable of playing Video or doing Vision Tracking Interactive using real time Vision analysis.

Looking into Building down Floor


An Editor for creating Tracking Scenarios

Some of the many Vision Settings..

  • Tracking Comet Size, Color, length
  • Sparkle Frequency
  • Floor Color
  • Floor Ramping when people detected

Scheduling of Video and Tracing Scenarios


Completed and Commissioned In Perth, Western Australia


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Just like in movies

It was a commerical arts project that we did for an Artist Mathew Nui funded by the Government.

It was a year and a half of hell, for example it took 6 weeks to do the 17,000 connections for the 4250 led lights under the floor on mechanics trolleys, the software too several weeks as it has vision tracking, scheduling and video playing..and calibration stuff in it.  We utilised Robo Realm for vision tracking, pretty cool product for $90.

Send me an email david@designfeats.com if you have any other questions etc.

what a massive project.

couple of Qs.

How much did it cost? and How much power does it need to run?

looks cool though. nice job 

That looks fantastic!

It is a shame that there is no sound on the video - is anything explained in it?

Thanks for sharing it with us all :)


SWEET !!! Can we get more info? How much did it cost, how lng did it take to design/construct?