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Arduino project losing its mind

I'm using Ro-Bot-X's uservotino for my Venux robot. I recently had a problem where the sketch (program, for all you non-Arduino types) disappeared on me. The board would power up fine, but nothing would happen. Then I upload the sketch again and everthing is fine.

I thought it was an isolated incident, but it just happened again! Any thoughts on what would cause an Adruino to lose its mind?

EDIT: The issue turned out to be with the Brown Out Detection (BOD) settings on the Arduino bootloader. The BOD defined in the bootloader was disabled. When the power to the Arduino dips too low, it can wind up corrupting memory, including the stored code. The BOD feature tells the processor to reset if the power dips below a selectable threshold. Since my chip didn't have a BOD threshold set, I lost the program code.

To change the BOD setting, I'll need an ISP programmer, which I don't currently have. So I'll probably just live with this for now. Thanks for all the help figuring out what happened!

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Well, the price was right, less than $50 with shipping. Lead time and shipping took many weeks. It's tiny, which could be a plus for some purposes. It certainly works, and it is an improvement over a no-scope. ; j

However, I now wonder if I could have picked up a used real o-scope for 2 to 4 times the cost and been better off. Getting a little bit of a good thing makes me want more of it.

Final word: I'm glad I have it, but I'll probably buy a real scope when I can afford it.

Ok, thanks. I think I'll do with the scope I have now (60s Heathkit, 5MHz) even though it isn't that great for too much, and then save up for something bigger. Thanks!

I had the same issue with an Arduino clone I designed and it turned out to be a bunked resonator.  I would load a sketch and it would run for a while and then disappear.  I found it after hooking up a Oscope and checking the timing of the resonator.  May not be what is causing your problems but, it may be a starting point to look at the timing of the crystal on the uservotino.  \0/