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Robot Arduino UNO & EZ-Robot WIFI , wheelchair base, independently controlled by GPS and avoid objects detector

Wheelchair independently controlled by GPS and objects IR detector
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 **** New Pics & Video *****

Hello, I am building a robot that will be controlled by an Arduino Uno & EZ-Robot  who follow a pre-programming traject into a GPS and will be equipped with motion detector to avoid object to run well to it's final destination.

I wonder if anyone would have any similar project to share with me  !!

Thank you for your help!

Michel, Canadian Robot

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HI François, No unfortunately after much testing and many comments I finally decided to use a 2X25 Sabertooth and it works very well!

Now my project works very well and I am working on the GPS side

Good luck, thanks

I am working on a very similar project. I would love to hear how your project is coming along.


You're going to have a difficult time interfacing directly to the P&G controller. The easier way is to cut the ribbon cable connecting the joystick to the interface board and feed it the same signals as the joystick itself. You'll have to tap into the pot for speed control.

That's my plan for my yardbot project based on the Pride Jazzy Select power chair base. I'm replacing the joystick with the remote from a cheap toy truck. Since you replace the original controller you probably don't need this info but others reading might be interested.

Can't wait to see how your project turns out.