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Robot Arduino UNO & EZ-Robot WIFI , wheelchair base, independently controlled by GPS and avoid objects detector

Wheelchair independently controlled by GPS and objects IR detector
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 **** New Pics & Video *****

Hello, I am building a robot that will be controlled by an Arduino Uno & EZ-Robot  who follow a pre-programming traject into a GPS and will be equipped with motion detector to avoid object to run well to it's final destination.

I wonder if anyone would have any similar project to share with me  !!

Thank you for your help!

Michel, Canadian Robot

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Thanks for your comment !! cool !

You can hack into the part were the joystick is. If you provide some pictures of that area we can help you more :)

HI Jad,  the pictures are now post ! this controller is a Penny & Gilles but I have a other one made by Qtronix

Thanks for your help !