Let's Make Robots!

6 Legged Tiny Robotic Spider

Walks around using 3 micro-servo's

Hi LMR people!

I'm building a little hexapod, just for fun. It uses 3 tiny 3g servo's (from ebay). all the legs are constructed using the inside of terminal blocks. For making a link between 2 of them you can easily cut off the head of a screw.

I used double sided tape to put everything together. tough I still needed one tire-wrap.

everything is placed onto a 4,8 volt accu pack, making the body.

I will ad a PIC micro-controller, probably a 16f628A. For obstacle avoidance I will add 2 IR leds and an TSOP 1738 infrared receiver.

Next to my 2 more bigger robots i liked to have a smaller robot wandering my desk. Hope you like it..

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I love the way this thing is designed! What are you using as legs? Is it just normal electrical wire? Which surface area does it has?


Thanks for the nice comments!

I did got that metal wire for free once. It' isn't electrical wire but more rigid. like coat hangers or something. or a nail. I just measured it's 2 mm thickness (not mm2).

nice robots is possibel you give the draw?

if I had I would give him but I have no drawing
First I taped the servos
Then I just started with some wire bending, and soon it looked like this.

The plan for now is:
  The circuit board comes attached with the 2 screws. the TSOP in the middle, 2 IR LEDs facing outwards.

Video! I like the design, let's see it stomp around :)

Nice result !

I posted something similar a few weeks back - http://letsmakerobots.com/node/26783 I particluarly like how neatly it's packaged.

 I find that the mini servos are holding up exceptionally well ( if a little greedy on power) and it weighs quite a it more than 160g, so I don't think you'll have a problem .

Curently mine operates from signals picked up from an old TV remote . I was toying with mounting an old devantech sonar to it, but haven't tried it out yet - I'd be interested to know how you get on.

I've recently been doing some cosmetic stuff on mine to make it more Bug-ish and intend to post some more video soon, as it's now learned to boogie a bit.

I like it......

Innovative design ;-) ...Like it.

Please attach the MC that we can see it walking around :-) Stills are good for a first peek but we need moving pictures ;-)))

Looks great, how heavy is it with all that metal? It might wear out your little servos pretty quick.

He weights 160 grams now.