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3 new projects

I have started 3 new projects. I mainly wanted to use the laser cutter at school before the school year was over. So I made these things which I will be fully constructing in the upcoming weeks. I just threw stuff together for some photos.

My custom controller v2:


 A rover:


and Hexapod V2:



I will post these things on their own pages soon so I will not go in depth too much. I just need some more progress before I post robot pages. I also have little to no parts that I need to make these robots at this moment.




So let me start with my new controller. My first one I made, which was used for my AGV, was not pretty and is now broken. I decided to go ahead and make a new one. This one is smaller. It will have a LCD, 3 buttons, a potentiometer, the joystick and accelerometer from a Wii nunchuck, Xbee,  and of course a battery pack and power switch. 


The Wii nunchuck board will bolt right on if I measured correctly :)


I measured correctly ;)


I copied the shape of the joystick hole from the Wii controller.


The microcontroller board that will run this is one that I am designing. It is basically a LCD back pack that will have inputs for the things on the controller. Should prevent rat nests.






Next is the rover. It has 4 gear motors that get mounted on the bottom once I buy the mounts. It has 3 decks. The bottom deck will have the motors, batteries and a sensor mounted on a servo. This sensor will scan the ground to avoid running over obstacles. The second deck will hold the electronics. This includes a seeeduino mega, motor controllers, Xbee, and some light sensors for now. The top deck has a LCD, buttons, compass, and a distance sensor mounted on a servo to scan for obstacles. 


Bottom plate:



Middle plate:


Top plate:





Motor and mounting holes:






Here is hexapod V2. It will consist of 5 standard servos, a Ping sensor, and one of CTC's boards. 


My method of connecting the pieces of the legs together did not work perfectly so I resorted to hot glue :P



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Nice work. I'm jealous of your access to a laser cutter. ; j

Maybe you should try building a plexi-bender; I'm not sure hot glue will hold that leg joint!

I might need to make one for next school year. We did not get the laser cutter until well after half the school year was over this year so I did not get to make that much stuff. Once I want to do more complicated things, I will need a bender probably.

The joint may not be as weak as you suspect. I worry about the whole leg flexing however. I will find out. 

nice work as usual!

Out of curiosity, what software do you use for the designs and what file do you need to export is as for use with the laser scanner.


I use AutoCAD. The computer that the laser cutter is connected to has AutoCAD installed on it as well so I do not have to export my drawings. Simply hit the "plot" button in AutoCAD and it sends it to the laser's software where you can change the settings and cut it out from there. 

Thanks Patrick

Look forward to seeing your robots progress!

I like the microcontroller  project most of all , I like the idea and the shape too ...

Great Work.