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rc tracked giant robot

pull a small trailer or a car, climb hills, be unstopable and unbreakable

Hi, after building my 20Kg tracked robot, I would like to build the same kind of thing, but tougher. I would like to find tracks from a snowblower(I can't find a dealer that would send to France yet), motors and electrics from a wheelchair and strong chassis. It would be nice if it could run after it flips over.

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Haven't got a chance to say "thank you" for your inspiration from last project and I kinda build a similar machine. [HERE]

So, thank you~ :)

There are not many tracked snowblower these day(at least in my area). Where did you get those?

Nice project hardmouse.

I have never seen a snowblower in my life! (I live 30 minutes from Spain) its quite hot here.

These are Ariens track conversion kit you can easily find in the US from dealers or here:


Its a shame they don' t want to ship me a pair.

Have you ever tried double sided timing belt? I might use a pair of this but I always find it tricky to have those tracked machine to make turn.

I have done a little research on this double sided belt and they come with any lenth in 1",2" or 3" width. Since they are not very pouplar and hard to find in stores I have to call the hardware shop to make special order.

I have been looking for one of the tracked snow blowers here in the U.S. for about 6 years now. The major companies don't make them any more because people had a hard time keeping the tracks on while turning. best bet is try the scrap yards and used equipment dealers. Good luck with your project and always think bigger.

If you can't find the tracks, I've seen some people use car or truck tires. They cut off most of the sidewall, and stretch the tires over a smaller set of wheels/tires.

Hi ignoblegnome, it was a long time!

Yes, I have seen these kind of "tire flatened tracks". It can still be an option since I' m not sure of what I' m going to use yet.

Your last project was very fun to follow. Best of luck on this one!

Nice project my friend. I know that Honda made or still do track snowblowers and they were almost double the price of a wheels one.

I am not sure what kind of gear and motor power you will provide but take a look here for inspiration:


Maybe you can find these.

Salut, je travaille actuellement pour construire un robot sur track et moi j'utilise des TRACK DRIVE ce sont des ponts de soufleur a neige de la compagnie NOMA ou SEARS ou MTG elle sont vraiment idéal !


Regarde la photo



Michel, Canadian Robot