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Connection Problem

Hi, cand anyone tell me how he connect the ps1 gamepad wires with the microcontroller:


Can you make a circuit diagram. Please Help !

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I use ATmega8515L. What pins shoud I have to use from gamepad to uC ? Do I have to include VCC and GND from gamepad ?

Typically you need all your power supplies to share a common ground. I don't know anything about the Gamepad's power supply, but if it can supply enough current and the correct voltage level, then you should be OK to use it to power your ATMega processor. If you are powering a lot of peripherals (servos, motors, etc.) that use a good deal of current, then be careful you don't overdraw from the Gamepad's power supply, because you could damage it.

I'm afraid I don't know that processor at all, so I can't really help with which pins to interface.

You will need to interface to a serial pin on your microprocessor. That's about as detailed as I can help on this one. You should let us know which microprocessor you are talking about for more in depth help from others.