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This happened by accident...

Everything the Start Here Robot does

Yup, this little guy happened by accident. I found myself with a sharpie and some thick copper sheet from a jobsite. A late night and some pneumatic shears and I was holding the pieces that would later form the head. Once soldered together, it sat on the top of my monitor for days, just staring at me asking for a face. I really don't know what happened from there --All the pieces seemed to "just make sense" when they were being made, and went together just as easy. I guess it was just meant to be...

In terms of function, it is simply an Arduino-based Start Here Robot --with a fancy body and nifty screen. It can drive around and avoid stuff, and not much more than that. This is just a simple one. The LCD is a 1.44" LCD from 4D Systems and would be worth every penny at twice the price. I have not only this 1.44" screen but also the 3.2" touch-screen version. Both have SD cards onboard, a full-on microcontroller with it's own language, I/O pins and all the bells and whistles any other robot brain would have. Each can display photos and graphics as well as video --The bigger version even has WAV player built in. --I can't say enough about these screens, again, worth every penny.

After I had completed the construction and code, I stared at this little guy wondering what would be on his little screen face. I tried to commission some art friends to draw different faces to display (each with a different expression) and I gotta be honest --it looked terrible! Instead, I decided to think of where this robot might live or have lived. If you look at him, he might be the one that had survived The Nuke or survived the Great War. Staying with that mode of thought, I suppose he might display images of all the things he saw as the world was destroyed. Yup, this might just be the "Apocalypse Bot"...

Video to come soon --for some reason, my sonar decided today to not play nice when the motors start running. I know, know, gotta get in there with some caps... I will, and well, video to come soon. For now, nice pictures.



And a few of his "images"...





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Sensors like the Sharp range finder on letsmakerobots  starter bot can use a capacitor and resistor at the sensor connector to help with noise. This works on other sensors types.

Sensor (1) r10k to Gnd (2)

Sensor(1) c10-100/v16 to Gnd(2)

V+(3) c10-100/16 to Gnd(2)

c is a cap 10 to 100 microfarads /v16 use an electrolytic

r is a resistor 1/8 to 1/4 watt

Your Robot is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!


Servos because they need constant updates to maintain their position are very noisy. Automatic or manual.

maby a cap over the power for servos 0.1uf /104  or directly acros the motors termnals and to the motor case from  termnals 3 in total for each motor  i think that's right or the the sensor it's self 

Chris, users servodroida (RU) wondering what to monitor is installed on your robot. Could you tell us about it, but can also show pictures? =)


Thank you!

The screen is this guy. It is a screen, SD card, and microcontroller all in one. You can program it directly (just like you would any robot brain) or it can be a "slave" and will work by sending it serial commands from a host microcontroller. Photos, video and raw data can be stored on the SD card and those pictures and video can be shown on the screen. It has amazing documentation, 6 or 8 support programs (to convert photos, work with fonts, format the SD card, an IDE, etc) and simply works great. For $35, you can not find a better screen. These things are awesome.

This robot is crazy cool. Nice job.


That little guy is super cute! I'm a fan of the steampunk style but not got the artistic flair nor the craftsmanship to carry it off but this robot screams to me that you have tonnes of both.

So you're a real carpenter.. Hahaha.. :D
It's one of best looking robot I've ever seen!

Reminds me of the 1960 film "The Time Machine". http://youtu.be/hG3y2F6CqbY

very good fabricating !

the finishing is fabulous, very, very, very good job.

Jules Verne can use that in his books !



DID you made the wheels ?  what is the "tires" ?

how it is inside the "corpse" ?