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Future ideas- robots and paintball

Well I like to paintball with sum buddies and its getting bigger all the time so I have been involving robotics and electronics in paintball /airsoft. 


-http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25679 (ill try to get my robot post on that one going, almost done :] )

So Im sorta running out of ideas that are worth using and cheap enough. 

For example-http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23474 i learned it was a little too expensive for me - a kid- to make and experiment.

So ill stop messin around now and cut to the chase. I would like to know what ideas you could come up with for me. Nothing is too stupid for me haha. Please keep within $75 total. Thanks 

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Are you looking for general project ideas or specifically for paintball related projects?

well ill take whatever you sugest so i have future ideas for anything but i would like to have some paintball or airsoft ideas. That was my original intent ill say that. thanks for replying

...let's say of an air cannon to get an idea about the movement, programming, mechanics etc.

You could build a cheap base (turret) and mount a laser pointer on it to program some algorithm for aiming and target recognizing.

This should be possible for 75 bucks and later you can just add more functionality.

huh ill look into that. interesting thanks