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Differences between arduino and arduino pro microcontrollers

The reason why I am asking this is that Robotshop has some serious issues regarding the shipping of a plain, simple arduino mini microcontroller. However, the arduino mini pro microcontroller seems to be in stock. I am planning on re-using the microcontroller. Can I use a mini pro microcontroller instead? What will I lose?

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You will be missing out on access to 2 extra analog input pins(mini has 8 with 4 broken out and pro has 6 with 4 broken out) and depending on which voltage version you purchase, 3.3v pro(8mhz) or 5v pro and mini(16mhz), you might give up 8mhz. The pro has a hardware reset button and builtin power LED. It looks like you miss out on the extra pair of analog input pins because they ran out of space on the board.