Let's Make Robots!


Vendor's Description: 

This board is the best choice for people who wants to start creating applications using PIC microcontrollers.

The included 16F876 pic has a preload bootloader making this board a complete firmware development tool. It's possible to control up to 14 servos, ideal for robotics projects, and there are 8 digital outputs, using an strip cable these outputs are linked to the 8 leds of the board.

The main specs. are:

  •  Dimensions are 62x54 mm
  •  Compatible with 16 and 18 PIC series
  •  Programmable(includes bootloader) pic16F876
  •  Can control up to 14 servo motors 
  •  8 digital outputs
  •  Serial communication
  •  ICSP communication (compatible with PICKit2 and PICKit3 programmers)


The kit includes :

  • microGT assembled included pic16f786 with preinstalled bootloader 
  • serial cable
  • firmware and VB.NET GUI demo interfaces

free VB.net GUI included

We have create some programs that runs as the firmaware on the board and some GUI interfaces written in VB.NET.

Visit out site for more information or contact us to gatopardo23@libero.it