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A word of caution about the Picaxe programming editor

Ugh, this took me forever and a day to figure out!

Everything was fine and dandy when I first installed the Picaxe programming editor, until it started to randomly crash.

I tried changing comports, reinstalling, even reinstalling the drivers (I thought it was a usb issue)

No, the program seems to take an issue with side scrolling.

I have a Dell laptop, and every time the horizontal scrolling was activated, the program would freeze my system, then about 30 seconds later, would crash.

If you have a laptop, check to make sure this doesn't happen to you! I've lost so much code/sanity from this. Either be careful, or disable horizontal scrolling.

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i have the same problem with my acer laptop some times the programe editor will work for hours and some times minutes it seems to crash more when im downloading to the picaxe. i save any changes iv made before i download them now

I have XP, not sure if the drivers are the same.


Just sharin' what I've experienced. Evil evil horizontal scroller. *growl* 

I use a dell inspiron 8100 using serial com1...no probs yet. os is win2k(yeah...it's that old)