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Plexiebot - my first robot

Navigating with IR and looks for the best way.
The_robot_code.pde3.67 KB
New_robot_code.pde4.93 KB

This is my first robot that I made with an Arduino. It's made of two pieces of plexiglas. The upper piece stands on 3 threaded rods. The motors are attached with hot glue and the IR sensor is also glued with hot glue on the servo. The robot works very well now and it was very fun to make it. I have also put a small camera on the robot. In the future I will maybe change the code in the robot so it will follow instead. I will also change the sensor to an ultrasonic sensor.


update 1

So I have been experimenting and I made a new code for the robot. So now the robot will look left and right when it's running that will make so the robot would not get stuck. The new code looks very messy so I need to make some adjustments. I have recently put a button on the robot. That button I will use latter so I can change the mode on the robot. Such as follow or avoid and also follow a line.






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Nice work. Simple and clean. I love the wheels.

You used a H bridge on your first robot ? Cool well done!!


Could you please public the code ?

Nice work.

thank you

Can you show us more

The wheels I bought from ebay and I will maybe show more when I have updated it.

Nice ,I tried your code but it need improvment!

So can I see your robot in action with my code on it?

Just to throw this out there --It is quite rare that one can take a program and be able to swap it directly into a different robot. It is far more likely that the code needs improvement to work with YOUR platform. As I see it (as shown in the top video) the code is working quite well.

I would suggest using code from other people as a guide or example allowing you to write your own code instead of "copy/paste --doesn't work, the code must be bad".