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Soda bot

Bring me a soda

This is a kit that I got from the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. for only 15 dollars. I dont know if it is really a robot because its just a motor and a battery with some plastic. The robot is supposed to just walk around but, I upgraded the motor to a faster one, which allows me to carry full cans of soda instead of just an empty one. It has a thing called "cams" instead of wheels which create a sense of walking. I may swap out them with wheels from a old rc car. I dont know what is in the future for the soda bot, but I may add a arduino nano and some sensors. For know its just a dumb robot that has no sense of its environment. If you want to buy one here is a link to one: http://www.amazon.com/Toysmith-4M-Tin-Can-Robot/dp/B0014WO96Y

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I have one of those too! They're actually kinda fun to watch, although they aren't robots.

 Maybe it can be usefull another way. Hook up a Arduino, and program it to follow you. Anytime you need a soda, you just have to turn around! Though that would have to be changed around to keep it cold, keep it from straying away from you, and making it bigger.

Anything with googly eyes gets bonus points!

I have a similar kit that my son and I put together, only instead of a geared motor with cams for wheels, it is simply a vibrating bot on legs. I wish we had your kit instead!

Something you could do is add simple sensors without a full microcontroller like the Arduino. Try a bump sensor in front that triggers a simple delay circuit and a relay so the robot backs up if it bumps into something. Or a downward pointing sensor so it stops if it sees and edge like a table, so that it won't fall.

LEDs and or buzzers would add some bling.

My son had one of these for christmas - Seems like the British science museum use the same suppliers for their gift shop !

Great idea for the upgrade to carry a full can - I'm off to see if we can adapt it for a full bottle of Merlot (thus avoiding the fountain effect !).

Extra points for following me around at a barbeque and a bracket for a glass !