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PICAXE 28X1/Cable problems,


 I'm new here and I really like this site, everyone is nice and helpful. I bought a PICAXE 28X1 starter kit, some motors/wheels and the motor controller and a few other things on my small budget. I thought I had everything but...no serial programming cable. I decided to make my own because I dont wanna wait 2 weeks for it, pinned it out and everything, ground on the db9 goes to gnd on the 28X1, TX goes to serial out but i cant get serial in to ring-out(the furthest i can trace it is to the 10k and 22k resistors). When I connect to my COM1 port and try to PICAXE>Run or F5 I get a error window telling me it cant be found and giving me some reasons why it might not be working. Is there something special with the PICAXE Serial Programming Cable vs. mine. Any other help?


Thanks so much.



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no im sorry that was a typo. the gnd and serial out pin out ok, the serial in wont pinout through the board, only the cable its self.



I made my own without any problems using the instructions in manual 1, page 31. This can be downloaded from the rev-ed site if you don't have it all ready.

On your DB9

pin 2 goes to picaxe serial out

pin 3 goes to picaxe serial in

pin 5 goes to picaxe 0V


hope this helps.